Winter in Copenhagen: Exciting Things to See and Do on a Winter Holiday in Copenhagen

Are you spending your winter holiday in Europe? If yes, do try to drop by Copenhagen in Denmark for a few days. Winter in Copenhagen is an exciting time, time you can fill with loads of fun. And because winter in Copenhagen is not a high tourist season, you can enjoy your holiday there at less the cost and with less crowding. Check out our list of things to see and do on your winter holiday in Copenhagen.

Take a selfie near the Little Mermaid.

winter in copenhagen: the little mermaid
The Little Mermaid | Sharon Ang/Pixabay

The Little Mermaid statue on the coastal promenade of Langelinie in Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s most recognizable icons. It is also one of the most photographed statues in the world. Public fascination with the Little Mermaid owes much to the tragic romance of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, as well as the beauty and the forlorn appearance of the mermaid statue itself. Crowds are always gathered near the statue during Denmark’s high tourist season, but when it’s winter in Copenhagen, you can always count on the statue sitting by itself, perfect for selfies without photobombers.

Browse through Copenhagen’s famous galleries and museums.

winter in copenhagen: rosenborg castle
Rosenborg Castle | Pixabay

Winter is also a great time to go on a museum tour of Copenhagen. The crowds are sparse and you can enjoy these spaces mostly to yourself. Given that Copenhagen’s museums an impressive collection of artworks and other relics, you’ll want to enjoy these places without the crowds hurrying you. Museums in Copenhagen you shouldn’t miss are:

  • The National Museum of Denmark, which curates artifacts covering 14,000 years of Danish history and culture, as well as those from other countries. Among the most significant relics kept by the Museum are its Viking exhibition and its collection of Danish religious art.
  • The National Gallery of Denmark, home to the country’s oldest and largest art collection. It puts special emphasis on Danish and Nordic art, as well as works by European masters such as Titian, Rubens, and Rembrandt.
  • Rosenborg Castle, a former summer residence of the Danish royalty, is now a museum and home to artworks and relics that belonged to the Danish royal family and aristocracy. The museum’s centerpiece is the Danish Royal Crown Jewels collection and regalia.

Go ice skating at Frederiksberg Runddel ice rink.

winter in copenhagen: frederiksberg runddel
Frederiksberg Runddel | Agent Smith/Wikimedia Commons

Winter in Copenhagen means the locals would be spending time at Frederiksberg Garden, ice skating at Frederiksberg Runddel. If you’re traveling with family and friends, ice skating at Frederiksberg Runddel is a great way to have fun for just the cost of renting ice skates. It’s also a great opportunity to get some winter sunshine and to mingle with the locals. You may find yourself making new friends while skating at the Runddel.

Experience the magic of the Tivoli Gardens.

If you’re traveling to Copenhagen with kids, you must take them to the Tivoli Gardens. The Tivoli Gardens is the second-oldest amusement park in the world, and it’s full of rides that both you and your kids will enjoy. Once you’re done with the rides, you can watch a traditional pantomime performance at the Pantomime Theater or a live music performance at any of the theaters and concert halls within the Gardens. You can play arcade games or check out what’s on display at the aquarium. Not to miss, of course, is the Christmas market, where you can shop for unique Christmas décor, toys, and other knick-knacks. On New Year’s Eve, the sky above the Gardens becomes bright with fireworks.

Check out the original Carlsberg Brewery.

Did you know that the original Carlsberg brewery is located in Copenhagen? And that this brewery is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations? If you love beer, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to visit the Carlsberg Brewery. There you can tour the place on a horse-drawn buggy, taste a few Carlsberg beers, and learn how Carlsberg developed from a small local brewery to a global brand.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve like a Dane.

Danes greet the New Year with lots of lights, noise, and fun. On New Year’s Eve, people usually head indoors where there’s a TV set at 6:00 PM to listen to the Queen’s New Year’s Speech broadcast. Then they feast, at home or a restaurant, while waiting for midnight. At midnight, they listen to the clock at City Hall ring in the New Year, and then they enjoy a piece of marzipan cake and a glass of champagne. And then, as the fireworks light up the sky, they indulge in some heavy partying at the pubs and clubs until dawn. Go experience it for yourself while you’re spending winter in Copenhagen.

Winter in Copenhagen is so much fun. Make sure you stop by the city on your European winter holiday.

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