Jamaica Beach Holiday: 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean islands. That’s why most of the people who come to visit Jamaica flock to the beach resort towns. If you’re planning a Jamaica beach holiday, where should you go? We have listed here five of the loveliest beach destinations in Jamaica.

Boston Bay Beach, Port Antonio

Located on the northeastern coast of Jamaica, Boston Bay Beach is a feast for the eyes. The sand on the beach is so smooth and white, while the waters are so blue and bright, so beautiful that it almost hurts to look at them. Boston Bay Beach is one of the last remaining beaches in Jamaica that is open to the public, and there is a distinct lack of vendors there compared to other beaches in the country. It’s not as packed with tourists as other beaches as well.

Additionally, Boston Bay Beach is one of the few beaches in Jamaica where the waves can get high enough for surfing. If you’re a novice surfer, you can easily find someone to teach you some surfing basics here. After you’re done surfing, make sure you tuck in some jerk food. Boston Bay Beach is famous as the birthplace of spicy jerk cuisine.

Calabash Bay Beach, Treasure Beach

If your idea of a Jamaica beach holiday is staying far away from the madding tourist crowd, swim undisturbed whenever you want to, get drunk on rum, feast on fish, and enjoy some peace and quiet, Calabash Bay Beach is your ideal destination. Calabash Bay Beach is a 600-meter strip of blackish sand on Treasure Beach, located at the southern coast of Jamaica. It is one of Jamaica’s most isolated beaches, owing to its distance from the airport.

It takes effort to get the Calabash Bay Beach. From the airport, you have to travel two hours on bumpy country roads – not a joke if you’re used to your creature comforts. But once you get there, you’ll be amazed at the scenery created by blue waters kissing black sand with the Santa Cruz Mountains forming a dramatic backdrop. Also, isolated Calabash Bay Beach may be, it’s far from boring. Enjoy the water as you may, and make sure you drop by Pelican Bar in the evening to partake of cold drinks and freshly cooked catch of the day.

Doctor’s Cave Beach, Montego Bay

Doctor’s Cave Beach is one of Jamaica’s most famous beaches, well known for its sheltered location, grayish-white sand, and calm turquoise waters. The beach got its name from its original owner, Dr. Alexander McCatty, and the fact that you had to enter a cave first to get to the beach. The cave was later destroyed by a hurricane.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of Doctor’s Cave Beach is a report from the 1920s that the waters of this beach have restorative powers. Bathing here can cure a wide range of ailments. You don’t have to be sick to enjoy the beach here, of course. The tranquil water is great for swimming almost all year-round, and a lot of opportunities for water adventures are available.

Reggae Beach/Bamboo Beach, Ocho Rios

If your notion of a Jamaica beach holiday is savoring some quiet on the sand without forsaking modern conveniences, Reggae Beach is where you should go. Also known as Bamboo Beach, Reggae Beach offers peace and tranquility. Its waters are mild and calm due to the protection of the surrounding cliffs.

While you can truly bask in some peace and quiet on Reggae Beach most of the time, the beach turns into party central on Fridays. There are DJs spinning some beats, live bands playing reggae music, beach food and cold drinks aplenty, and bonfires under the stars.

Seven Mile Beach, Negril

If you’re looking to party all day and all night long while you’re on your Jamaica beach holiday, then go to Seven Mile Beach in Negril. Seven Mile Beach gets its name from the seven miles of uninterrupted stretch of white sand, embraced by the clear turquoise sea. It’s famous for its fiery sunsets, but it’s more popular among tourists for the endless parties on the beach.

The opportunities for fun at Seven Mile Beach are near endless. If you’re into water adventures, you can go kayaking, snorkeling, or diving. You can also marvel at the view from the cliffs ten minutes away from the beach. And then, of course, there’s live music at the beach every night, where you can sashay to your heart’s content until sunrise.

There’s something for everyone in Jamaica. Don’t wait for summer to start – book your Jamaica beach holiday today.

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