Attractions Near PKX: 8 Places to See near Beijing Daxing International Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX), Beijing’s new airport and currently the world’s largest, is now open. If you’re traveling to China and happen to have a long layover in Beijing, are there any attractions near PKX you can check out while you’re waiting for your next flight? Actually, there are, and here are our picks for the best attractions near PKX.

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West Rainbow Bridge in PKX | N509FZ/Wikimedia Commons

Beijing Beiputuo Movie City (Jingfu Lu)

Yinghai, Daxing

Beijing Beiputuo Movie City is a glorified film set inspired by Dream of the Red Chamber, one of China’s four great classic novels. Though the novel’s TV adaptation wasn’t filmed there, the park contains replicas of scenes from the book, including its garden. Other films have been shot there, however, including the popular drama Princess Pearl.

Beijing Wildlife Park

Donghulin, Daxing

Beijing Wildlife Park is a mostly cageless zoo, home to some 10,000 animals belonging to around 200 species. The park is divided into two—one half is for big cats and other large animals, while the other half is for herbivores, birds, and other smaller animals. There’s also a performance center in the park, where you can watch trained animals perform tricks supervised by their handlers.

China Printing Museum

Huangcun, Daxing

China Printing Museum is reportedly the largest museum in the world that’s dedicated to the history and technology of printing. It’s pretty apt, considering that printing was invented in China and is considered to be one of the country’s most important contributions to world culture. One of the top attractions near PKX, the museum has exhibits covering different eras of printing, from ancient times to the digital age. Also on display are some rare and ancient books, such as Commentary of Spring and Autumn Annals. It additionally has an open space for traveling exhibitions and conventions.

DreamEast Future World

Sanhe, Langfang

DreamEast Future World is an aerospace theme park, reportedly the first of its kind in China. Known for its distinct spaceship-inspired architecture, Future World contains various technology exhibits dedicated to astronomy and space exploration. It also has a number of earth science exhibits, particularly on the local geography. These exhibits are highly interactive and child-friendly. Opened in 2017, it’s one of the newest attractions near PKX.

Grand Epoch City (Tianxia Diyi Cheng)

Xianghe, Hebei

Grand Epoch City is a theme park that attempts to capture the look of Imperial Beijing, before its walls were torn down. The 494-acre park contains recreations of various princely palaces, traditional gardens with ponds and sculptures, a variety of temples, fountains, and other decorative features supposedly found in old Beijing. Among the treasures of the park is Yongding Men, one of the massive stone gates that served as one of the main entrances to the city. This stone gate, torn down during the start of the communist regime, is rebuilt and stands approximately on the same location. The park also contains modern features such as swimming pools, tennis courts, badminton courts, a bowling alley, and a 27-hole golf course.

Langfang Nature Park

Langfang, Hebei

Located in the outskirts of Langfang City is Langfang Nature Park, a woodland area developed to provide locals an opportunity to reconnect with nature. This 477-acre park is 90% forest and a popular area for bird watching. The remaining unforested 10% is made up of small zoos, a tablet garden, and a wooded area featuring marble elephant statues. At the center of the park is an artificial lake, where visitors can go boating.

Langfang Stadium

Langfang, Hebei

Langfang Stadium is one of the main sports arenas in the Greater Beijing area. It’s primarily a football field and serves as the home field of the Hebei China Fortune football club. The stadium also functions as a venue for other sports and athletic events. Built in 2010, the stadium has a seating capacity of around 30,000.

Nanhaizi Milu Park

Luquan, Daxing

The marshland that now makes up Nanhaizi Milu Park was once the exclusive hunting ground of the Chinese imperial family. There they hunt milu, a species of elk endemic to China. Today, the marshland is redeveloped as an elk and deer museum. Aside from milu, the marsh is now home to many other species of elk and deer, both from other places in China as well as from abroad. The marsh is considered to be the largest wetland park in Greater Beijing.

These are the attractions near PKX you can check out if ever you’re on a long layover in Beijing Daxing International Airport. Do visit them if you have the time.

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